Presidents’ Report October 2017

Pauline Rowe

Pauline Rowe

Hi Everyone,
I am currently away overseas however, I did not want to let this month go without some positive feedback for the month.
Firstly, congratulations are in order for our 2 Councillors, it has been exactly 12 months since they were elected to Council and they are both doing a great job for the community.

Congratulations to Karress for surviving her first 12 months and she is making a big difference in Council with her passion for tourism for Liverpool, also her level headedness towards planning matters and putting the community first before politics. I am sure all those who attend our meetings and Council meetings would attest to the fact that she is passionate about Liverpool and is performing her role well.

Next to our Peter who is now currently up to his 3rd term as Councillor and a staggering 9 years to date with more to come. Peter also is continuing his excellent role as one of the few Councillors who listens to the community and puts their interest first and foremost and continuing his watchful eye on what is happening in Council – job well done Peter.
We as a group are very proud of both Peter and Karress and are thankful for all the hard work and effort they put in and we thank you.

Secondly, congratulations are in order to our own Criss Moore who has recently achieved her doctorate in her chosen profession, which is no mean feat considering she has been championing the fight against a development application for an additional hotel in Casula over the past 3 years which would have caused serious community hardship. Excellent work.
Criss was recently featured on a website for her hard work – (link below) Criss Moore – some great work by a local disadvantaged community fighting alco and pokie related harms:

Also, some more positive news Janice Harrington is on the mend and should be back
among us all soon. Good to hear you can’t keep a good woman down.
We not only achieved Peter Harle’s re-election (and a very good run at the Mayoral race), but also managed to have one of our newer members Karress Rhodes elected to the South Ward.
I know I have said this before, but any support and encouragement we can give Peter and Karress to assist them with their roles is always helpful, so let’s all keep up our part for them as well.

Pauline Rowe

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