Clr Peter Harle – Achievements


Peter Harle JP
Councillor since 2008

Dear resident and ratepayer of the greater Liverpool. I intend to contest the next Council Elections as Mayor and North Ward Councillor, I intend to continue to represent the many and varied interests of all Liverpool’s more than 230,000 residents.

Over the past thirteen years our team has achieved many significant positive changes for Liverpool and its residents. There is much more to be done to ensure a better future for everyone including the business community that provides the job opportunities necessary for our area to grow.

Following is a brief outline of the many and varied achievements our team and I have made or significantly contributed to since September 2008. We hope to continue to improve upon those achievements and look forward to your support.

I was elected as a North Ward Councillor in September 2008 and as Deputy Mayor 2008-2009 unanimously by fellow Councillors and re-elected in 2012 and again in 2016, each time substantially increasing my overall percentage of the total vote to around 17%.

As a Councillor I have been a member of numerous Council Committees including;

  1. Aboriginal Consultative Committee (Monthly meeting)
  2. Environment Advisory Committee
  3. Ethics and Audit Committee
  4. Floodplain Management Authorities
  5. Floodplain Management Committee
  6. Georges River Combined Councils Committee (GRCCC) Treasurer.
  7. Western Sydney City Planning Panel (SWCPP) Council Member.
  8. Strategic Planning Committee
  9. Heritage Advisory Committee
  10. Economic Development and Events Committee
  11. Audit Risk and Improvement Committee ARIC
  12. Building Our New City Committee
  13. No-Intermodal Committee
  14. Key Site Master Planning and Steering Committee
  15. Civic Advisory Committee
  16. Traffic Committee
  17. Budget and Finance Committee
  18. Liverpool Community safety and Crime prevention advisory Committee
  19. Liverpool Youth Council
  20. Warwick Farm Steering Committee

Over the past thirteen years I have attended annual Local Government Conferences held at Broken Hill, Tamworth, Nowra, Brisbane, Coffs Harbour and Rosehill. These conferences are essential for information interchange as well as having significant effects on all Local Councils. Council issues are debated and voted upon before being presented to State and Federal Governments for their consideration and implementation.

I am one of two Councillor Representatives at Floodplain Management Conferences held at Tamworth and Batemans Bay as well as the quarterly meetings held in Sydney. Attendance at the conferences is essential for information interchange since the Liverpool Local Government Area (LLGA) has significant flood prone land within its boundaries.

As a Councillor I have made significant contributions to;

  1. Graffiti control and poster removal policies including the purchase of three graffiti removal vehicles and their support crews.
  2. The introduction of a Rural Maintenance crew.
  3. Implementation of a Communications and information strategy and quarterly newsletter, including information displays and distribution in rural areas. “See it – Report it” Signage and Council 24/7 hotline.
  4. Implementation of an Apprentice/Traineeship program at Liverpool Council.
  5. Implementation of noise restricting policies for Public Address systems in recreational areas and Community Halls owned and operated by Liverpool City Council.
  6. Implementation of major road reconstruction works in Heckenberg, Rossmore and Luddenham. (Guthega Cr, Belfield Ave and Adams Road).
  7. Implementation of footpath re-construction works in Warwick Farm, Wattle Grove and Hinchinbrook).
  8. Instigated new library facilities at Miller.
  9. Addressed ongoing issues of illegal land fill and rubbish dumping in rural areas.
  10. Introduced information signage in rural areas “See it Report it”; Council’s 24/7 Hotline contact number for reporting issues.
  11. Ensured that illegal operations creating environmental and health concerns are addressed. Restrictions placed on air and noise polluting industries in Prestons, Chipping Norton and Kemps Creek.
  12. Instigated planning policies and changes to Liverpool Local Environment Plans (LLEP) regarding restrictions on sex shops, brothels and cemeteries.
  13. Ensured improvements to Community Halls and recreational areas including major refurbishment to Bringelly Community Hall ($250,000).
  14. Instigated Whitlam number one and two park and community hall refurbishments.
  15. Instigated Paramour Park recreational facilities, walking paths and playground equipment.
  16. Supported moving Council administration into the CBD after the disastrous Administration fire in 2010. Instrumental in purchasing income producing assets in Scott Street resulting in an income of $4.5Million pa. That move also increased potential CBD customers by 300 Council staff.
  17. Instigated support for the Warwick Farm Racing precinct and the reduction of heavy vehicle traffic in the area.
  18. Supported the implementation of paid parking with free parking facilities on the outskirts of the CBD and a free shuttle bus service to compliment it.
  19. Supported cost saving programs to Council operated Childcare Centres without significant changes to the facilities or end users, saving Council over $800,000 annually.
  20. Supported the Moorebank Anti-Intermodal campaign and attended many of their rallies both locally and at parliament house in Sydney.
  21. Implemented the No-Intermodal Committee. Also Deputy Chair
  22. Supported noise reduction walls along the Casula rail corridor.
  23. Supported the Carnes Hill Community Centre Complex (instigated in 2009) which provides significant Community facilities for the growth areas of Middleton Grange, Carnes Hill, Edmondson Park, West Hoxton and Austral. (Completed August 2016)
  24. Supported the campaign against the Moorebank Concrete Recyclers.
  25. Supported the Marinas on the Georges River at Moorebank.
  26. Supported the Bigge Park revitalisation Project.
  27. Supported The Mall revitalisation Project.
  28. Supported the Civic Centre Project. This project will be constructed  at no cost to the ratepayer.
  29. Instigated external forensic audits into the Propel Contract, ultimately terminated, resulting in retaining Council workers instead of contractors.
  30. Prevented Councils Animal holding Centre contracted to Blacktown and supported building our own on Council owned land at Rossmore Grange, saving Council millions of dollars.
  31. Opposed High Rise High density housing developments in Moorebank.

As a Councillor, I also attend most forums and community action group meetings. These are held in significant areas of Liverpool.  

  1. Council conducted Community  Forums.
  2. Council conducted Rural Forum. (Bringelly Community Hall)
  3. Luddenham Community Residents Action Group.
  4. 2168 Community Residents Action Group.
  5. Warwick Farm Community Residents Action Group (ceased as of Sept. 2011).
  6. Austral Residents Action Group.
  7. Liverpool Action Group (LAG). ( Founding Member)

I also attend most Independent Hearing Assessment Panels (IHAP) also called Local Planning Panels (LPP) and Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP) now referred to as the “Sydney Western City Planning Panel” (SWCPP), both as a member and as a Councillor representing the community. When I am not the assessing member of the panel, I often speak on behalf of residents and community groups dealing with sensitive community issues. (Cemeteries, sex shops, brothels, VET Clinics, traffic problems, noise, air, light and sewer pollution, road maintenance, illegal dumping, unfair fines, rates and planning restriction issues, are some of these).

As a Councillor I attend every possible briefing and information session dealing with Council business prior to the General Council Meeting. Included are budget briefing sessions and extraordinary information sessions dealing with Local Government matters, these amount to around 150 meetings each year. I also attend to numerous ratepayer and resident issues. These are dealt with via email, phone calls and personal attendance at homes, businesses and recreational areas. In short, the work of a Councillor is extremely time consuming and far more than the 20 hours average, assumed to be the norm as per Local Government Department recommendations.

I believe I have made a significant difference to Liverpool by working with like-minded Councillors and in particular my fellow LCIT Councillor Nadia Napoletano, (2008-12)  the task would have been far more difficult and less fruitful.

Overall, I have accumulated considerable knowledge about Council, its operations and effects on ratepayers and residents. That knowledge will allow me to make more informed decisions when evaluating issues that come before Council.

Councillor Peter Harle JP

Updated July 2021