Civic Place – Childcare Centre downgrade.

Liverpool Civic Place

Liverpool Civic Place

Councils’ award-winning Civic Place, which includes a State-of-the-Art Childcare Centre catering for 90 places of varying ages, was allocated $3m for its fit-out. However, at last Council Meeting the mayor reduced it by 50% to $1.5m and then re-allocated $1.5m to the Whitlam Center. That change generates important questions not raised at the Council Meeting since few, if any, Councillors knew of the Mayors’ proposed change.

  • How will the 50% decrease in funding impact the Childcare Centre’s ability to cater for the specialised care and equipment needed by disadvantaged and disabled children, or will it simply not cater for them?
  • How will the parents of children with disadvantages and disabilities find placements for their children when the desirable equipment is not available?
  • Does the funding reduction impact on available spaces and will it detrimentally affect age ratios and community needs?

What is your opinion?

Councillor Peter Harle JP

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