NO PUB IN CASULA – Objection Form


Residents objecting against the Development of a Proposed Hotel at Casula may wish to use the  information below .

Objection to DA 1060/2015 – Proposed Hotel Hume Hwy Casula and any subsequent associated Liquor and Gambling related applications seeking approval and authorisations for the provision of alcohol and poker machines

We wish to object to the above applications for the development and subsequent liquor and gaming licenses for the above hotel.

The reasons we oppose this include:-

  1. The negative (detrimental) social impact of an addition liquor and gambling outlet in our local community of Casula.
  2. The known alcohol and gambling related harms including domestic violence associated with licensed premises within the context of existing social harms within the community.
  3. The proximity of this proposed liquor and gambling venue to a large school and child minding facilities, public housing and other disadvantaged residents, women’s refugee, places of workshop and medical facilities.
  4. The poor record of managing some other licensed premises and the tactics engaged to deter the local community from lodging objections question the capacity to responsibly manage the proposed outlet.
  5. Traffic impact and failure to comply with set-back requirements of Council.
  6. Failure to consult with community on new DA.


I authorise the Casula Group for Responsible Planning Inc. and persons it may nominate to act on my behalf and represent my interests in opposing both the Planning and Licensing aspects of the above proposed Hotel. I give permission for the information collected to be used in various forms of communications and publications.





Signed by:


When completed email to:


post to: Locked Bag 7064, Liverpool BC, NSW 1871


Fax: (02) 9821 9333