Casula Railway Station – Pedestrian Access – Community Forum discussion

  • WHEN Tuesday 19th March 2024 between 5:30pm and 7:30pm
  • WHERE  CASULA LIBRARY 39 Ingham Drive Casula just behind KMART Casula.
    Come and discuss the Pedestrian Access  to Casula Station…Do You Walk to the Station?
    Come and let Councillors and the Mayor know Council needs to provide safe walking access with lighting to Casula Railway Station for nearby residents.
  • For more information contact Michael on 0407 231 244
  • Casula Railway Access

Councillor Peter Harle has been advocating for safe access to Casula Railway Station for several years.

Latest: Traffic Committee Issues raised by Councillor Peter Harle, May 2023.

Investigate re-instating the previous popular Pedestrian access to Casula Railway station via Rushton Place to Carrol Park, March Pde and Buckland Road.


  1. This was a popular daytime pathway to and from Casula Railway Station by residents but has not been upgraded since Covid 19 restrictions were applied. The pedestrian footpath at the Railway station leading to and from Rushton Place needs to be rebuilt, the steep grade is unsafe and poses safety risks to pedestrians, particularly those with a disability.
  2. Rushton Place is a bitumen surface for part of the way to Carrol park, the remainder is composed of loose coarse gravel posing a significant trip hazard to pedestrians.
  3. Between Carrol Park, March Pde and Buckland Road pedestrians walk al
  4. ong the grass covered park which has a known problem with drainage near the Rushton Place roadway. It needs a footpath/cycleway constructed to connect to Rushton Place. The cycleway could significantly add to Councils’ current cycleway program including adding the Weaving Gardens and the historical underpass to it.
  5. There is also a lack of adequate lighting along Rushton Place and Carrol Park making it a significant safety issue after dark.
  6. Overall Council needs to ensure community consultations occur to ensure all issues raised by the community within walking proximity to Casula Railway Station occurs and meets the expectations of the community.
  7. Many residents from the area bordering Carrol Park and surrounds prefer to walk to the Railway station rather than travel by car through the railway underpass, and take up unnecessary, insecure parking at the combined CPAC and Casula Railway Station car parks.

Cllr Peter Harle
March 2024

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2 Responses to Casula Railway Station – Pedestrian Access – Community Forum discussion

  1. Webmaster says:

    “Dear Dara and Michael.
    Thank you for your response, I will ask Council Senior Staff involved in Community liaison when we can organise a “walkaround” of the area to see firsthand what needs to be done.
    I will ask that interested residents with many years of background knowledge of the area such as yourself be included.

    Dara, your suggestion of the Dog Park make sense and would improve attendance at the CPAC cafeteria.
    The issue of a “rat run” needs to be investigated and possibly incorporate “traffic calming devices” to address speeding and access issues. That’s an issue I will raise at the next Traffic Committee meeting.

    I appreciate the Traffic Managers’ reply to my questions posed at the last Traffic Committee.
    Cllr Peter Harle

  2. Webmaster says:

    Thank you for the information it is Brilliant!

    If there was better access and visibility via Carrol Park and Rushton Road, along with all that you listed below, there would be less delinquent behaviour. There is much dumping along Rushton Road, and at the bottom of Carroll Park- tyres and burn’t cars for one

    The residents of Casula links and neighbouring Casula do take Carrol Park as the preferred access to the Railway line as it is quicker.

    Lights would be preferable along Carrol Park and a better walkway than the current makeshift 50 cm grass walkway, as it is very narrow especially when there is more than one person walking at a given time. Definitely lighting as now we are using our phone torches. Casula Parklands would benefit with more lighting too along the allocated path along the river ( solar) as people go for long walks into the early evening and get caught by night fall. And it is a bit harrowing for women, although it has been never safer thanks to councils introduction of the Parklands.

    On other issues Peter, in terms of the closed Dog Park, council could consider opening one near the car park of Casula Powerhouse adjacent to the Parklands. . People would be enticed to get a coffee whilst watching their dogs. The area doesn’t flood in that vicinity of the Powerhouse.

    It is a beautiful parklands and used by many now from Liverpool – Lurnea, Casula and Glenfield. I feel that because there is no-one from council who lives in the area. They do not understand that it is a much loved and used parklands now by many. Hence at times the grass does not get cut for months. Also I do not know why Civic Place is having a Gallery when we have Casula Powerhouse. In my experience having lived in the area, and who goes to Casula Powerhouse, I have noticed that those who are interested and delight in such events visit. Powerhouse attracts people from the wider community as far as the inner-west, South, Campbelltown for it’s performances and Art Exhibitions, and children’s festivals. My neighbours who for instance are Arabic, even with Casula hosting an event (in Arabic) on their doorstep. They do not attend as the Arts, theatre, performances just doesn’t interest them. Hence why I think the space at the Civic Centre can be utilised for other purposes other than a Gallery. Does not make sense.

    People are riding their bikes from Liverpool along the pathway, crossing the railway to Leacock’s Lane and Glenfield. Wonderful to see elderly on bikes as well as youngsters. If it is possible to put signs like other councils to remind people to Ring their bells on approach of pedestrians, much appreciated. Also to pick up waste after their dogs. But generally most have been good.

    Just in terms with the opening of the Woodbrook Road underpass. Residents are worried about the increased traffic it will cause as it will be a shortcut to the Hume Highway from Liverpool. St Andrews Boulevarde is not equipped to take such traffic. If you go for a drive in peak hr you will discover that people cut the road at full speed. Just yesterday I was nearly taken out by a person on the other side of the road. Many speed humps will be needed from Holston, St Andrews Boulevarde, Phoenix Cres.

    Again Peter, many thanks for your service and not forgetting parts of Liverpool Council area.

    Kind Regards


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