Founding Members

Welcome to the Liverpool Community Independents Team (LCIT) Website (Liverpool Australia), following is a brief summary of who we are and our primary purpose. Our intent is to be an alternative voice representing our Community, we welcome your comments and support.

Cllr Peter Harle with Founding Members L > R Colin Harrington and Alf Vella.

Cllr Peter Harle with Founding Members (L > R) Colin Harrington and Alf Vella. (Photo Courtesy of the Liverpool Leader)

The LCIT team is celebrating its 20 year Anniversary in 2014. Click on photo for details.

LCIT was formed in 1994 by Aldermen Colin Harrington and Alf Vella as an alternative to the major parties and to promote the election and re-election of LCIT members to Local Council. Both Aldermen were former members of the ALP, unhappy with its progress in providing community support.  LCIT is also intended to provide increased and alternative opportunities for public participation in State and Federal Government on issues that affect the community.

LCIT had immediate success in the 1995 Council elections with two candidates Colin Harrington and Geoff Neville being elected.

Stephen Dobell Brown Councillor 1999-2003

Stephen Dobell-Brown Councillor 1999-2003

In the Council elections of 1999, two candidates, Colin Harrington and Stephen Dobell-Brown were elected.

An Administrator was appointed in 2003 by then Carr Labor Government due to the financial crisis created by the Labor controlled Liverpool City Council. Stephen and Colin exposed these problems to the public and the media.

The Carr Labor Government had little choice but to take action which resulted in the Administrator leading Council for the next four and a half years.

Nadia Napoletano Councillor 2008 - 2012 & Deputy Mayor 2009

Nadia Napoletano Councillor 2008 – 2012 & Deputy Mayor 2009


In the 2008 elections, Nadia Napoletano and Peter Harle were elected to Council. Both Councillors were elected Deputy Mayors by their fellow Councillors.

Council consisted of three Independents (two from LCIT), three Liberal Party and five Labor Party Councillors including the Mayor.

Cllr Peter Harle JP

Peter Harle JP. Councillor since 2008 . Deputy Mayor 2008


In the 2012 elections Peter Harle was re-elected as a North Ward Councillor. This election resulted in an unprecedented swing to the Liberal Party, with six Councillors including the Mayor, having the majority on Council. The Labor Party is represented by four Councillors, two in each ward.

Pauline Rowe, LCIT’s  South Ward Candidate, narrowly missed out.

Councillor Karress Rhodes

Councillor Karress Rhodes JP 2016-2022


At the 2016 Council Elections Karress Rhodes was elected as a South Ward LCIT Councillor and re-elected in 2021. Karress resigned from the LCIT team in April 2022.




Colin Harrington

Mayor of Liverpool (1990-1991), Colin formed the Liverpool Community Independents Team (LCIT) in 1994 with Alf Vella. Colin spent 17 years on Council from 1987-2004.
Colin was born in Sydney in 1941 and grew up in Prospect NSW. Colin moved to Liverpool in 1966, where he and his wife Janice raised their family together, until the present day.

Colin joined the Australian Labor Party in the mid 1980’s. When he ran for Council in 1987, he believed he had a good foundation for success. He was living in Liverpool, he was working as a full time teacher at Miller TAFE, he taught Welding to trade apprentices and mature age students and he liked sharing his knowledge and helping people.

Colin was successful at his first attempt in running for Council and was elected as an Alderman in 1987, at the age of 46. In 1989, Colin left the Australian Labor Party and became an Independent Alderman. Colin set himself two goals – to win the Mayorship in 1990 and to get re-elected as an Independent Alderman. In September 1990, Colin became an Independent Mayor of Liverpool, the last to be elected by his peers. In 1991, Colin was successfully re-elected as an Independent Alderman.

In 1994, Colin and Alfred Vella formed the Liverpool Community Independent’s team (LCIT), providing an alternative to the major parties while helping to get good people elected to Council.

When newly elected to Council in 1987, Colin convinced the Council to allocate $100,000 to build a pedestrian bridge from Cartwright to Miller, across the floodway. Colin officially opened the bridge as Mayor in 1990. In this same year, as Mayor, Colin convened a prayer breakfast for representatives from all denominations across Liverpool. In 1991, Colin initiated the commencement of a Youth Council where eighteen Year 11 and 12 students from nine high schools across Liverpool debated and passed resolutions on an actual council business agenda. As Mayor, Colin convened a successful meeting with NSW Police and Liverpool Council officers to clean up Liverpool’s image especially around the hotel and station area. Also as Mayor, Colin took Council Meetings out to the rural areas of Liverpool including Austral to address local issues.

During his 17 years on Council, Colin was Council’s delegate to the Traffic Committee for a number of years and was Chairperson of the Bushfire & Emergency Services and Works committees. He was chairman for several years of Job Futures/Skill Share, which trained and assisted men and women of all ages to re-enter the work force. Colin regularly attended Precinct Meetings, Progress associations and Community meetings. In 1992, Colin exposed a multimillion breach of contract for Liverpool Council’s waste removal service with Council achieving a substantial compensation settlement as well as immediate compliance with the tender requirements. Colin made a successful presentation to council for Natural Gas to be the fuel source for the Liverpool to Parramatta T-Way buses. Colin was also successful in introducing the two ward (North and South) electorate system for Liverpool.

Colin’s greatest achievement was his submission on 29 November 2003 to the Public Inquiry into the failed Liverpool Council Oasis Development. Colin highlighted that Council had not exercised prudent financial management regarding the development and management of Infrastructure Projects within Woodward Park. A full inquiry into Liverpool Council resulted in its dismissal in March 2004 and an administrator was appointed. While Colin decided not to stand in future Council elections, he was keen to remain involved in the local community.

Colin received the Quota International Liverpool Incorporated Citizen of the Year award for 2004-2005. In 2005, he was elected as Chairperson of The Southwest Action Group (SWAG). The group successfully contributed to the determination of South West Rail Link between Glenfield and Leppington, saving the government substantial acquisition and capital costs.

In 2017, Colin made a successful proposal to Liverpool’s Councillors regarding future transport needs for Liverpool as a river city, having a commuter ferry service along the George’s River to Botany Bay and Sydney Airport. This was approved by Council and amended and approved at Local Government State conference.

From 2011 to the present day, Colin has served on the management committee of Liverpool Neighbourhood Connections (LNC), a charity organisation who’s focus is to enrich people’s lives through education, employment and kindness. Colin is also a member of the Liverpool Council Civic Advisory Committee and has been so since it’s inception. Colin continues to offer his full support to the Liverpool Community Independents Team and the community of Liverpool.



L > R: Geoff Neville, Henry Jacotine, Janice and Colin Harrington at Australia Day Ceremonies. Henry received the Officer of the Order of Liverpool Award for 2004.


Alfred Vella JP


Alfred  Vella
Councillor 1991-1995

Alfred was born in Malta in 1946 and migrated to Australia with his family at the age of 18 months. Alf grew up in Edgecliff and Kingsford he then moved to Liverpool NSW in 1971 when he married and immediately became involved in the local community. In 1983 Alf joined the Labor Party and resigned in mid-1994. In 1994 Alf and Colin Harrington formed the Liverpool Community Independents Team.

Alf has a large list of items to be proud of while working in Council and regards them as his own personal achievements. These include the following:
Introduced 125 “Notice of Motions” (council record). Introduced to council over four years 525 “Questions Without Notice”, all designed to making Liverpool a better place to live.
Moved Motion re: John Walkers (General Manager) a report to name the new Macquarie Mall. Move Motion opposite the Liverpool Catholic Club the road bridge to have it widened from two lanes to four lanes. Introduced Notice of Motion to create a Cenotaph in honour of Liverpool’s John Edmondson VC and also the people of Liverpool. Moved Motion to build a statue to honour Liverpool’s founder Governor Lachlan Macquarie, located on the corner of Macquarie and Scott streets Liverpool.
Liverpool Police Community Consultative Committee-Chairperson for four years. Liverpool Police Citizens Youth Club Chairperson for three years. Organized Liverpool Penny Lane Festival. Organized Liverpool Corporate Fun Run. Responsible for introducing to Australia a theme restaurant known as Planet Hollywood. Represented six Western Sydney Councils in the USA in relation to public liability. Liverpool Council’s Parks Gardens and Recreation Chairperson for two years. Arranged for a package of “Welcome to Liverpool” signs, street signs and city centre signs put up in Liverpool’s heritage colours of green and white, also the repainting of the Liverpool bridge from Battle Ship Grey to Liverpool’s heritage colours.

Protocol Committee Member, instrumental in having Governor Lachlan Macquarie’s Regimental colours and crest included on the new Liverpool Flag.

Liverpool Council’s Delegate to:

  •         The Sports Council for 4 years.
  •         The Traffic Committee for 4 years.
  •         Bush Fire and Emergency Services for 4 years.
  •         WestPool, Councils Public Liability Insurance for 4 years.
  •         Museum Management Committee for 4 years.
  •         Chairperson of Parks and Recreation for 2 years..
  •         Flood Management Committee for 4 years.

Instrumental and successful lobbing with John Smith, General Manager of Greater Union Cinemas to bring the Cinemas to Liverpool. First Council in Australia to instigate a Liverpool Football (Soccer) Charity Shield. First Council in Australia to instigate a Liverpool Council Football (Soccer) Cup. General Sales and Marketing agent for the world renown Cavern Club in Liverpool England, honoured in December, 1996 with a V.I.P membership. Partly responsible for setting up sister city agreements between Liverpool, Australia, Italy and Japan.

Alfred C Vella had been a long serving member of the ALP but decided to give the people of the City Of Liverpool an alternative to represent them. Alf teamed up with Colin Harrington also a former ALP member and registered the Liverpool Community Independents Team as a political party. Alf  became the first President and Colin the first Secretary.

Both Alf and Colin performed their remaining term as Councillors of LCIT and continue to support the Team.