Celebrating our History


“The longest serving local Independent Political Party in Liverpool’s History”

Celebrating our History  1994 to 2024

30 years representing Liverpool residents in Local Government

In June of this year (2024 LCIT, a local community group and a registered political party will be celebrating 30 years in the Liverpool LGA. We would prefer not to be a political group; however, Electoral laws dictate that to have the name of your group above the voting line, on electoral ballot papers, the group must be a registered political party.
We have over 100 community members, most of our group are dedicated seniors, with younger members being recruited to carry on our group. Our members are loyal community minded people who go above and beyond to support LCIT at every opportunity. 

LCIT was formed in 1994 by Aldermen Colin Harrington and Alf Vella as an alternative to the major parties and to promote the election and re-election of LCIT members to Local Council. Both Aldermen were former members of a major party and were unhappy with its progress in providing community support. Colins’ investigation into the “Oasis Project” stopped further ratepayers’ money being wasted on a doomed project.

Over the past 30 years and 7 Local Council Elections (Council in Administration for 4 years). Seven (7) LCIT members have been elected to Liverpool City Council with Colin Harrington serving 4 terms. 1 Member elected as Mayor and 3 Members elected by their peers as Deputy Mayors. LCIT has had 2 serving members for 6 of the 7 terms in Liverpool City Council and narrowly missed out in the 2012 elections.


Councillor Peter Harle JP

Councillor Peter Harle JP


 Served 3 terms – re-elected  for a 4th term in 2021.

Peter was an Industrial Electronics head Teacher at NSW TAFE for 36 years before becoming a Councillor. Peter was first elected to Council in 2008 along with Councillor Nadia Napoletano. Peter was re-elected in 2012, 2016 and 2021 along with previously  elected  (2016) Councillor Karress Rhodes.

Peter has achieved many of the goals he set out to achieve over the past 13 years, however, he believes much more needs to be done. He strongly believes that we need to “Keep Council Independent” from major parties that have used Council as a stepping stone for political gain at the expense of our community. He strongly believes that Council needs to concentrate on the basics and address the enormous backlog of infrastructure and maintenance accumulated over the years. He is adamant that Council should concentrate on those issues deemed as important to them and their areas and let State and Federal Government take back their responsibilities instead of shifting them onto ratepayers.

Peter is here to represent the people not the party and would like to take politics out of local governments. He also believes Council need community minded Independent Groups or parties to keep major politics out of local government.  Voting for an independent community group is a vote for a group of people that are funded by themselves and the community (not unions or State Parties) and they do what they do for the greater community and for the future of the area not for political advancement.


 COLIN HARRINGTON – 1987 to 2004 Founding Member of LCIT. TAFE Teacher – Miller TAFE – Local resident of Denham Court for over 40 years – elected to Liverpool City Council from 1987 to 2004. Founded LCIT in 1994 and served four terms as an Alderman/Councillor and was elected Mayor in 1991 by his peers. In 1992 Colin exposed a multi-million-dollar breach of contract for Liverpool Council’s waste removal service. In 2003 Colin was instrumental in an enquiry into Council’s involvement in the Oasis project which resulted in Liverpool Council being put into administration. Too many other achievements to list in his 17-year service to Council. Colin is still a very well-respected resident of Liverpool and is regularly invited to many community events.


ALF VELLA – 1991 to 1995Founding member of LCIT with Colin Harrington- The first President of LCIT. Alf has been a local in Liverpool for over 50 years and has been involved with many facets of growing Liverpool over the years. In his term as an alderman from 1991 to 1995 Alf achieved many planning, sporting and entertainment successes for Liverpool and was on many committees – One of Alf’s greatest achievements was representing six Western City Councils in the USA in the 90’s. Alf is still very involved in LCIT and continues to support Liverpool and its development.


GEOFF NEVILLE – Elected 1995 to 1999 (along with Colin Harrington) Long-time resident of Casula – Managing Director – Neville Bus Services – Casula 1966 to 1991


Stephen Dobell Brown Councillor 2000-2004

STEPHEN DOBELL-BROWN – Elected 1999 to 2003 (along with Colin Harrington) Stephen is a long-term resident of rural Liverpool and business owner in Prestons. Stephen did and still does serve on many Liverpool Council Committees. Stephen along with Colin Harrington is recognised for exposing Liverpool Council’s involvement in the Oasis Project and the major debt associated with it. Stephen was a very methodical and detailed Councillor with great knowledge of Liverpool.


Nadia Napoletano Councillor and Deputy Mayor 2008

Nadia Napoletano Councillor and Deputy Mayor 2008

NADIA NAPOLETANO – Elected 2008 – 2012 (along with Peter Harle) were one of the first elected Councillors after Council was in Administration for 4 years. Nadia who was raising her young family in Liverpool was a lawyer, who brought her brilliant governance knowledge to Council and was a great asset to Liverpool. Nadia and Peter were instrumental in having many planning and governance laws associated with Council reviewed and revised for the betterment of Liverpool residents. Nadia was elected Deputy Mayor in her final year by her peers 2012.


Councillor Peter Harle JP

Peter Harle JP

PETER HARLE 2008 to present (14 years) Liverpool resident for over 60 years – Married with 12 Grandchildren all in the Liverpool area. He has been a tireless supporter of resident’s rights and has fought valiantly to ensure residents’ concerns are heard and actioned. Peter was re-elected to Council in 2012 and again in 2016 along with new Councillor Karress Rhodes where they have both represented the community and fought long and hard to ensure Council is run effectively and efficiently for the benefit of the community. Peter was elected Deputy Mayor during his terms by his peers and has served on many committees during this time. He has chaired the Rural Forum for the past 5 years and has championed many rural issues.

Councillor Karress Rhodes

Councillor Karress Rhodes JP

KARRESS RHODES – 2016 to April 2022 Karress Rhodes resigned from LCIT as of  7th of April 2022.