History of Liverpool City Council Budgets since 2012

Cllr Peter Harle JP Councillor since 2008

Cllr Peter Harle JP
Councillor since 2008

Liverpool City Councils’ Mayor Ned Mannoun often claims he had to fix Labor deficits!
The comparisons below show his two terms, 2012-16 & 2021-24, were financially worse than any term of Council since 2012.

  • Mayor Mannoun consistently claims he inherited significant deficits from Labor terms and that his terms were financially better  managed.
  • Facts show otherwise, his two terms caused more significant deficits than Labor terms did despite his term selling substantial assets and despite Labor terms dealing with major Covid 19 and Asbestos remediation issues.
  • Below are Annual Budget comparisons of Liverpool City Council from 2012 to 2024 they relate to the Net Cost of Services. (NCOS) It is a performance indicator of how well Council manages its finances.  More info here: CO_20220525_MAT_457.PDF (infocouncil.biz)

Year             Budget       Party in Power        Reasons
#2011-12      +$7.1m        Labor       Surplus partially due to grants, and insurance claims. 2012-13        +$5m           Lab/Lib   Mannoun inherited a $5m surplus.
2013-14        -$8m           Liberal     Mannoun turned a $5m surplus into deficit!
2014-15        +$4,6m/-$0.4m Lib    $5m property sale, deficit of -$400k without sale.
2015-16        +$344k        Liberal     Surplus reduced from $4.6m to $344k.
*2016-17       -$2,1m       Lib/Lab    Mannoun passed deficit to Lab/Independents Council.
#2017-18      +$781k        Labor        Turned a deficit into a surplus.
#2018-19      +$1,8m       Labor        Doubled the surplus.
#2019-20      -$3m          Labor        Deficit due to Covid 19 and Asbestos Remediation works (-$20m)

#2020-21       -$11,6m    Labor       Impact of COVID 19 minimisation action, passed
onto incoming Liberal Council.

*2021-22        -$11.9m    Liberal     Drastic measures turns deficit into surplus.
2022-23           +$532k     Liberal     Additional measures turn deficit into surplus.
2023-24          – $6.9m    Liberal     Overspending turns previous surplus into deficit.
2024-25          +$2.6m -$10m/Lib  A surplus if $14m property sold. Forecast only.

Overall, Mayor Mannoun had more Budget Deficits than Labor despite selling property assets!

  • Comments:
    *  Labor/Liberal changeover in September except 2021-22*.
    # Labor/Independents, Mayor was Labor, independents held balance.
  • Current term, 2021-2024, Mayor Mannoun holds balance with the support of one Independent.
  • Council is composed of five Liberal, four Labor, one Independent, one Liverpool Community Independents Teams Councillor.
    Councillor Hagarty resigned due to appointment as Member for Leppington.
  • This comparison shows that both of Mayor Mannouns’ terms financially worse than the two Labor terms of Council since 2008.
  • Mayor Mannouns’ terms had up to six annual Budget deficits (without sales of assets), while Labor had two, despite inheriting significant deficits from Mayor Ned Mannouns’ previous terms as Mayor of the Liberal Team.
  • All the above information is compiled from Liverpool City Council documentation available from its website https://www.liverpool.nsw.gov.au/council
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