Grove Street Casula – Need for closure.

Dr Criss Moore

Dr Criss Moore

A group of Casula residents, representing residents of Grove Street Casula, presented a submission at the April General Meeting of Liverpool City Councils’Public Forum for the urgent closure of Grove Street at the Hume Highway.

Many vehicles carry out illegal entry onto the Hume Highway via this intersection intended as a “left turn only” into Grove Street from the Highway.  This has caused numerous crashes in peak hour traffic. While only one fatality has been recorded, many crashes occur a month, but due to a lack of reporting crashes to the Police, many go unreported and hence appear to reduce the need to close off access to the Hume Highway.

The presentation, made by several residents including Dr Criss Moore, and Susie and Daniel Kneipp resulted in Liverpool City Council, via an urgency Motion initially put forward by Councillor Peter Harle and supported by all Councillors, to take urgent action to progress the closure of Grove Street as soon as possible.

Councils Traffic Committee conducted a special meeting to support the action of the residents and Councillors.

Click on the link below to view and download the PDF file. Note; you may need Adobe Acrobat or similar PDF viewer, or  an Internet Browser such as Microsoft Edge, DuckGoGo, Brave etc., to view the information presented at the Public Speakers Forum in April 2024.

Grove Street Casula – need for closure


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