Liverpool City Council – Anti – Intermodal Protest


Hi everyone,

This is YOUR CHANCE to fight the proposed Moorebank Intermodals that will destroy our area and help save the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre.

There will be a rally to protest the proposed Moorebank intermodals on 1st September at the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre which will also, in turn, be helping to save the Casula Powerhouse as the Federal Government is compulsory purchasing the land along the Georges River for the intermodal project.

Please go to the below link for more information (Liverpool Council website) and please also sign the petition located there.

Also – you can send an e-letter directly from the link below to a list of VIP’s that may have an influence on the final decisions.

With the election looming please contact the list of politicians below and ask them what their stance is on the intermodals and what they plan to do to stop them going head.


Link for Liverpool Council website – information regarding rally 1 September at the Casual Powerhouse and petition to sign

Link to Kevin Rudd’s website –

Link to Tony Abbott’s website  –

Senator Lee Rhiannon <>;

Laurie Ferguson MP, Member for Werriwa (Australian Labor Party)
Suite 1, Level 1
2 Oxford Rd
Ingleburn NSW 2565
Kent Johns, Candidate for Werriwa (Liberal Party)
PO Box 4644
Casula Mall NSW 2170
Katryna Thirup, Candidate for Werriwa (Palmer United Party)
c/o Palmer United Party
GPO Box 3138
Brisbane QLD 4001
John Ramsay, Candidate for Werriwa (Christian Democratic Party)
c/o Christian Democratic Party NSW
GPO Box 141
Pymble NSW 2073
Marella Harris, Candidate for Werriwa (One Nation)
c/o One Nation NSW Division
PO Box 4213
Lugarno NSW 2210
Daniel Griffiths, Candidate for Werriwa (The Greens)
c/o NSW Greens Office
PO Box 1220
Sydney NSW 2001
Craig Kelly MP, Member for Hughes (Liberal Party)
Shop 1,
9-15 East Parade
Sutherland NSW 2232
Alison Megarrity, Candidate for Hughes (Australian Labor Party)
c/o NSW Labor Party Office
9th Floor Labour Council Building
377 – 383 Sussex St
Sydney NSW 2000
John Peters, Candidate for Hughes (Palmer United Party)
c/o Palmer United Party
GPO Box 3138
Brisbane QLD 4001
Signe Westerberg, Candidate for Hughes (The Greens)
c/o NSW Greens Office
PO Box 1220,
Sydney NSW 2001
Posted by: Lorrae Lemond,
Resident of
Wattle Grove.




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6 Responses to Liverpool City Council – Anti – Intermodal Protest

  1. It was unfortunate that the No Intermodal rally at the powerhouse was held on fathers day but in my opinion fathers roles are to protect their families and I regard the day as being symbolic. If residents decided to be more active in the campaign it would increase our chance of success. I still regard the Moorebank intermodals as being virtually impossible but we must keep up our protest. The first thing that will go will be the Georges River and with 1.2million residents on its banks it is inconceivable that any government can destroy the lifeblood of 1.2 million people, not counting that the area is the worst health area in Australia. This is a no brainer.

  2. Clr Peter Harle says:

    Hi MS,
    That weekend was based on the short notice given by the Federal and State Governments intention to compulsorily aquire the Casula Parklands, it was the only available weekend before the Federal Election. As a member of Councils No-Intermodal Committee, I had suggested that prior to the Federal Election, residents should know their Candidates position on the twin Intermodals. Unfortunately that clashed with Fathers Day celebrations, but it was too important to defer until after the Elections.

  3. Clr Peter Harle says:

    I attended the Anti-Intermodal Rally at the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre to-day. Good attendance, despite it being Fathers Day, estimated 150 people attended. Mayor and several Federal candidates spoke, everyone spoke against the Intermodals, including Alison Megarrity, Craig Kelly, Kent Johns, Signe Westerberg, Marella Harris, Michael Byrne, Melanie Gibbons and others, whose names I do not recall but happy to record if they contact me. It was pointed out that both Labor and Liberal, at a party level, support the Intermodals, however individual candidates claim that they will argue the case against them if elected. To be fair, I recall Alison Megarrity often spoke against the Intermodal during her term in state Government as per Hansard records. As did the then Federal Member for Hughes; Danna Vale and current Member Craig Kelly.
    Overall many people enjoyed the day; face painting for children, sausage sizzle, free T shirts etc., and the ability to discuss the issues with Councillors and Federal Election Candidates. This rally is the first of several anti-intermodal efforts organised by Liverpool City Council. Council has not received the Moorebank Intermodal proposals Environmental Impact Study (EIS) hence it cannot do much until that is received. That is likely to be published immediately after the Federal Election.
    I will keep you posted on any available information that comes to hand.
    Clr Peter Harle

  4. MS says:

    Why hold a protest at lunch time on Fathers Day – are you trying to make this protest fail? The people impacted the most are families and they will be having a fathers day celebration – poor choice

  5. Pichai Narayanan says:

    We do not want a intermodal in Moorebank. I reside in Wattle Grove very close to Moorebank. When we bought the site from Defence we were assured of a peaceful and healthy living in Wattle Grove. That is threatened by this new dvelopment. We vote “NO” to the intermodal

  6. Kirstie says:

    I have a number of concerns about the proposed intermodal terminals.

    Pollution levels – I have concerns about the number of trucks that will be introduced into the area and the effect this will have on air pollution. As a person who suffers from Asthma, I am concerned about the air quality in this area. I am also concerned about light spill and noise pollution in the area as a result of the terminals.

    Environment – I am concerned about the impact that land clearing will have on the local flora and fauna. Clearly land will not lead to an environment that supports native animals and plants in the area. This area does not need any more industrial land. Promotion of the area as one that values it’s environment is important to me.

    Traffic – an increase in the number of trucks on roads, such as Moorebank Avenue will not be sustainable with current let alone future traffic conditions in the area.

    Infrastructure – The introduction of trucks and additional freight trains will put a strain on current infrastructure. This will lead to additional maintenance costs to the government and inconvenience to the local community.

    Consultation – I do not believe that the studies that have been performed to date have been thoroughly consultative with the community these proposals impact.

    Economy – I believe that there is a much better use of the land that is currently proposed as the sites for the intermodals. Increased parklands, nature reserves, or recreational areas will promote this community as a place that people will come to visit. Rather than travelling to recreational areas, families and the general community can stay local, and increase the economic prosperity in this area. This will also help to strengthen community ties and creating an area that is even more proud of where they live. This will have a positive impact on the area and, by creating an area of pride will lead to reduced crime in the area.

    I hope that this project can be stopped in this area, and move to other areas that will greatly benefit from the industry.

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