LCIT Launch by bus, Saturday 13 August 2016.

Community Independents Liverpool Launch by bus, Saturday 13 August 2016.

Ian Bailey

Ian Bailey

The weather was perfect, the Captain and coach knew the way and supporters of the Liverpool Community Independents Team were enthusiastic!

Eight registered Candidates arrived at Casula Mall to meet the bus and collect leaflets and banners. Everyone had dressed for the occasion and began meeting early shoppers and business people.

Right from the start of the day and throughout the visits to seven busy locations, the Independent Team were warmly welcomed by many voters who expressed dissatisfaction with the major parties.

It was in fact, quite pleasing to experience an immediate acceptance of the offer “Please Vote for Independents’’ by people who obviously respect and trust Independent Councillors. Another important factor that appealed to voters, was the idea that Community Independents would not pass votes by preference to other parties. It seems that two decades of Independent influence in Liverpool Council is now very firmly noted and appreciated.

Councillor Peter Harle lead the way and in fact was continually sought by voters who had met him over the last eight years to chat about local concerns. Peter will be running for Mayor as well as Councillor and his no-nonsense approach to managing the business of Council in a professional manner will be recognised by voters as was demonstrated today. People specifically expressed concern about party-politics and in-fighting as has happened recently in Liverpool.

Karress Rhodes had, in very short order, arranged the printing of banners and leaflets which included a smart sign to fit the back of her ute and smart DL leaflets to hand to shoppers. The great value in the handout was the fact that they were printed two-sided, North Ward and South Ward respectively, to highlight the fact that residents must vote for candidates in their own ward. Karress’s expert handling of the election material is not surprising as she runs the Your Liverpool magazine and is a Director and Secretary of the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce.

Bernard Garling, Hospitality Manager, Chamber of Commerce of business Director and Candidate besides being a really fun guy, was enthusiastically received at all stops. It was impossible to resist his exuberance and genuine concern for the professional management of Liverpool. Bernard was able to quickly assess the best avenues for success at each call and made the best of time available.

Michael Andjelkovic, a Project Manager with Business and Finance experience, did not miss an opportunity to catch the importance of a moment whether it was meeting and greeting or looking for photo opportunities. Michael’s experience in business consultation came to the fore at every stop.

Mark George has a history of growing up and living in the Liverpool Community and lending his time totally to the youth of our area. His particular expertise is Scouting and Guiding and Mark has an excellent knowledge of, and contact with, the people who matter in our society, the ratepayers.

Narelle van den Bos is a Teacher and as such, is a great communicator. She is robustly supported by husband Paul and their powerful teamwork is obvious to all. Both are committed to stopping the proposed container terminal at Moorebank as well as the concrete recycling plant proposal.

Erik Rakowski, possibly the youngest of the group, has the energy and expertise to question any and all Council agendas. As a Resident of 18 years has has spent the last 6 years focused on the abolition of Moorebank Container Terminal. Being a member of Liverpool Councils No-Intermodal Committee, Erik has become fluent in many other issues that effect Council and the great potential of Liverpool.
As a budding Entrepreneur he is a strong contender, bringing to bear his design and marketing skills, to accompany a marvellous manner of communication on the run.

Peter Savidis is an airline coordinator and scheduler making him a first-class negotiator under pressure. Peter is passionate about the history and heritage of Liverpool. His contribution will be appreciated as the years roll by – we will still have evidence of our past in Liverpool and a better approach to planning.

So, the expertise of all these Independent Candidates is obvious right from the start. Business skills are what Liverpool needs in a Council to help guide the Council’s CEO and Directors in providing basic services and best practices for the rates we pay. Councillors must keep an eye on delivery of services as well as sensible development in the future, not monuments to political ambition.

If you are wanting a Council with excellent business and management skills rather than people who simply want a step to higher politics with all the disruption that can cause, please vote for Liverpool Community  Independents Team members on  10 September!

The bus tour of North and South Wards today was organised by LCIT members:

Michael Ross sourced the bus from his mates at and drove us to an exacting time-table all day

Robert Story assisted with banners, leaflets and did a mighty job talking to voters.

Ian Bailey coordinated the tour and handed out leaflets as well.

Ian G Bailey

PO Box 77 Hoxton Park NSW 2171.

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