Warwick Farm Racing Precinct Steering Committee – Nominations

As the result of a Notice of Motion put before Council by Clr Peter Harle and passed by Council;

Council is calling for nominations for community and stakeholder representatives for the Warwick Farm Racing Precinct Steering Committee. Participation in a committee provides opportunities for community members to be involved in and contribute to the future direction of Warwick Farm.

The Warwick Farm Racing Precinct Steering Committee has been established to undertake the following;

a)    Look at all aspects of the impact of imposing trading hour restrictions on the racing community and industrial area.

b)    Determine appropriate and economical means of minimising impacts on the majority of stakeholders.

c)    Formulate a means of reducing land use conflicts within a particular achievable time-frame including consideration of the possible construction of suitable access road to the industrial area.

Council is seeking applications from people to represent the following stakeholder groups on the committee members:

  • Landowner/resident of Warwick Farm not associated with horse racing industry
  • Owner/operator of an industrial property in Warwick Farm
  • Horse trainer who also resides in Warwick Farm
  • Horse transport company who operates in Warwick Farm

Committee members will be selected based on the following selection criteria:

  • Resident, ratepayer, or a strong association with the Liverpool Local Government Area or surrounding areas;
  • Knowledge of, and interest in, positive outcomes for Warwick Farm;
  • An understanding of the role of Local Government;
  • An ability to develop and sustain contacts with key individuals and groups in the local community; and
  • The ability to effectively listen, cooperate and function as a constructive member of a team.

Should you wish to be considered as a committee member, please respond to Council in writing either by email to lcc@liverpool.nsw.gov.au or addressed to Locked Bag 7064 Liverpool BC NSW 1871 by 13 March 2013. Only applications that address the selection criteria will be considered.

Liverpool Council Website link: http://www.liverpool.nsw.gov.au/council/public-notices

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