Council Meeting Notes – 29th April 2015

Notes of Council Meeting 29th April 2015

Summarised by Cllr Peter Harle

  1. Condolence motions:
    1. For Families of Chan & Sukumaran
    2. Malcolm Fraser Liberal Prime Minister.
  2. Mayoral minutes: (6)
    1. Moorebank Georges River Master Plan. Investigate the Moorebank Georges River area as an urban renewal precinct. Develop a Master Plan for the Moorebank Georges River mixed use precinct to provide opportunities for housing and employment, with access to transport and infrastructure. Study also includes the West side of the Georges River.
    2. Luke Stono’s “Never Give up” Charity Bike Ride, donation of $5,000.
    3. Donation of $2,500 towards Anowah Community Living Inc’s, annual fundraiser Ingham House & Fowler Homes.
    4. Recognition for June Young OAM for the “Journey of the Quilt”.
    5. Local Government Awards; Council Staff for winning the “Excellence in Environmental leadership, for the Recycling Centre and Excellence in Local and Economic Contributions award category for the “Building our New City” initiative.
    6. Donation of $2,500 for the Liverpool Relay for Life event, Cancer Council.
  3. Notice of Motions;
    1. Response to Councillors, CEO to initiate process to keep Councillors informed of changes in scope of works.
    2. War Memorial Cenotaph relocation; to suitable site within 3 months of the decision for a suitable site; suggestions included the CPAC, Remount Park and Lighthorse Park.
    3. Slow down speed stickers; proposed to be mounted on side of rubbish bins. To be deferred to the Traffic Committee.
    4. Clean up Liverpool campaign; deferred to CEO’s report.
    5. Report on Outdoor Signage and Outdoor Product Display. Prepare a report and policy for small business owners, their obligations and community advertising.
    6. Sustainable School Grants, $75,000 allocated to schools for environmental projects taken from the Environmental Levy. Assessment Panel with charter to be implemented.
  4. IHAP DA projects;
    1. DA-364/2014 Subdivision of lot into 16 lots; approved.
    2. DA-48/2014 Motel Development; approved.
    3. DA-85/2011/B Service Station Operating hours, 24/7; Approved 12 months trial period.
  5. Reports;
    1. CFO 01 Investment report.
    2. CFO 02 Civic Awards Policy. Amended to include
      1. Christmas Tree Lighting event Sister city relations maintained
      2. Two Mayoral Concerts be held annually
      3. Amendment to Clause 22.6
    3.  CFO 03 Operational Plan Budget.
      1. Proposed new Fees & Charges for DA.
      2. Fees for Whitlam Leisure Centre Membership for seniors.
    4. DCC 01 Community & Culture Report;
      1. Financial Contributions of $6,200 Sporting Donations program.
      2. Community Donations of $10,250 and $36,900 Corporate Sponsorship.
    5. DCC 02 Re-establishment of Alcohol Free Zones.
    6. DCC 03 Draft Multicultural Strategy and Action
      1. Plan 2015-16 on public display.
      2. Comments on the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to be referred to as The Republic of Macedonia
    7. DPG 01 implements a new Planning and Development Committee.
    8. DPG 02 Bigge Park Draft Conservation Management Plan on public display.
    9. DPG 03 Road Safety Report – Intersection of 15th , 27th and 28th Avenue.
    10. DPG 04 Liverpool City Centre LEP Review.
    11. DPC 01 Proposed Road Closures and rezoning part of Copeland Street Liverpool. That Council agrees to commence the process to rezone part of Copeland Street, Liverpool proposed to be closed to “R4 High Density Residential” through an amendment to the Liverpool Local Environmental Plan (LLEP) 2008. Notes that a further report will be submitted to Council prior to any agreement being entered into to sell any portion of part of Copeland Street, Liverpool proposed to be closed and; Authorises its delegated officer to execute any document, under Power of Attorney necessary to give effect to this decision.
    12. Committee Reports;
      1. CTTE 01 to CTTE 10,
    13. Questions With Notice;
      1. QWN 01
    14. Confidential Documents / Reports;
      1. CONF 01 Tender WT2421 – Supply, Delivery and Installation of Bus Shelter Tenders; Declined all Tenders, Continue current contract with existing contractor and negotiate new bus shelters for advertising rights.
      2. CONF 02 Key Sites Master Planning Steering Committee Minutes from meeting held 7th Information to be kept confidential.
      3. CONF 03 – Tender ST2437 – Design, Supply and delivery of Gross Pollution Traps (GPT) for various locations. Motion modified by Cllr Harle incorporated into Cllr Shelton’s motion to accept Councils recommendation, and include; 5: “Council Officers are to prepare a report outlining existing strategies and programs in place to manage the quality of water reaching our creeks and river systems. The report is to include strategies to improve the capture of Gross Pollutants such as drink containers; bottle tops and similar plastic items ending up in our waterways”. 6: The report is to be presented to Council not later than the August 2015 Council Meeting.”
        1. See Facebook comments here:
      4. CONF 04 – Compulsory acquisition of;
        1. Lots 13 and 14, DP 1200373, Camden Valley Way, Leppington,
        2. Lot 11 DP 1199760 Campbelltown Road, Edmondson Park and
        3. Lot 11 DP 1199577 Cowpasture Road, Leppington by Transport for NSW.
      5. CONF 05 – Panel Representation – Independent Hearing Assessment Panel (IHAP). That Council;
        1. Appoints the applicants as identified in the Confidential Report as Panel Representatives on Council’s IHAP for a period of two years.
        2. Seeks expressions of interest from suitable community representatives to become members of the Liverpool IHAP.
        3. Receives a further report to assess the Expressions of Interest received and endorses the community representatives.
      6. CONF 06 – Tender WT2436 – Whitlam Leisure Centre Air Conditioning Renewal. That Council; Declines to accept any of the tenders submitted and to call for new Tenders.
      7. CONF 07 – Compulsory acquisition of part Lot 1 DP 1201516, 352-362 Macquarie Street, Liverpool for Road Purposes. – Council approved the recommendations.
  • Acronyms and Abbreviations used;
    1. IHAP – Independent Hearing Assessment Panel.
    2. CFO – Chief Financial Officer
    3. CONF – Confidential (Document, report, Tender, etc.)
    4. CTTE – Committee (reports)
    5. DCC – Director Community & Culture
    6. DPG – Director Planning & Growth
    7. DPC – Director Property & Commercial.
    8. NOM – Notice Of Motion
    9. QWN – Questions With Notice
  • Council meeting Dates:
    • Tuesday 26 May 2015
    • Wednesday 17 June 2015
    • Wednesday 29 July 2015
    • Wednesday 26 August 2015
    • Wednesday 30 September 2015
    • Wednesday 28 October 2015
    • Wednesday 25 November 2015
    • Wednesday 16 December 2015

For further information on any item please contact me;

Cllr Peter Harle JP
T: 02 8090 2646
Mb: 0412 736 956

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