No-Intermodal Committee – facts?

Councillor Peter Harle JP

Peter Harle JP

Contrary to the allegation in the Social Media that Liverpool Labor and LCIT “dismantled” the “No-Intermodal Committee” the facts are;

The “No Intermodal Committee” was not dismantled; it was simply added to the Strategic Panel as an appropriate place to deal with any future Intermodal discussions including provision for members of the public to participate.

Referring to the Minutes of the Council Meeting of Wednesday 12th of October 2016 on page 17; Extract of Council Minutes-Committees  the following occurred:

Councillor Karress Rhodes

Councillor Karress Rhodes

Councils’ initial proposal to reduce the number of committees (by seven) including an amendment proposed by Cllr Hadchiti was defeated, a new motion put up by Cllr Rhodes, seconded by Cllr Harle was passed by Council resolution.

The new Motion included that the “No Intermodal Committee” be referred to as the “Intermodal Committee” and incorporated into the Strategic Panel with allowances made to involve members of the Community when appropriate.

At the Council meeting of Wednesday, the 1st of February 2017, during the allocation of Councillors to Committees and Affiliated bodies, Cllr Hadchiti proposed a motion to “reintroduce” the “No Intermodal Committee” as per its previous Charter.  Cllrs Rhodes and Harle supported that motion, with Cllr Harle speaking in favour of it based on continuing concerns raised by the community and Public Forum Speaker Mr John Anderson.

As the No Intermodal Committees’ previous Deputy Chairman, Cllr Harle attended all meetings since its inception and supported incorporating the (No) Intermodal Committee into the Strategic Panel (as per Council Minutes of 12/10/16).

Since the October 2016 Council Meeting  significant changes to the Intermodal proposals have occurred, hence LCIT Councillors supported that the “(No) Intermodal Committee” be separated from the Strategic Panel.

Cllr Harle and Cllr Rhodes.

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