Liverpool Council Animal Shelter LAS

Councillor Peter Harle JP

Peter Harle JP

The Liverpool City Council Animal Shelter (LAS) had a bumpy ride through Council processes. I have always supported the LAS to be homed in Liverpool ever since the issue came to Council. I have also suggested that it be located on Council owned land at Rossmore Grange to reduce the overall costs to Council and ratepayers, that was supported by all Councillors.

It is an emotional and sensitive issue for all concerned not the least being the animals affected.

Council is currently in the process of re-zoning a portion of Rossmore Grange to be used as the new home for the LAS, existing zoning does not allow it.
For better or worse that process will take some time and hence the need for temporary accommodation at the Rossmore VET Centre.
I have visited the centre several times and find it is well run and under present circumstances the best overall solution.
LAS successfully returned/homed around 600 dogs last year, sadly 38 were euthanised for a variety of reasons.
These issues will be debated by Councils’ Companion Animals Committee set up this year, hopefully that explains my position on the LAS and its future direction.

Cllr Peter Harle
July 2021.

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