Liverpool City Council Animal Shelter – Update April 2023

Councillor Peter Harle JP

Peter Harle JP

Liverpool City Council Animal Shelter Update, April 2023

The Department of Planning and Environment  (DPIE) has finally approved the re-zoning of Rossmore Grange to allow an Animal Shelter to be built there.
Council is currently using Rossmore Vet as a temporary solution for an Animal shelter, as are several Councils within the region.

Contrary to comments made on social media, Liverpool City Council has provided additional funding to improve the well being of animals housed there including several fenced exercise areas for dogs, and provided blankets, jackets, and towels for the animals in its care.

Further, I have personally visited the shelter several times since 2020 and can find nothing wrong with it. The fact that a Vet is on site to monitor the health and wellbeing of the animals is better than at the previous location.

It’s now up to Council to lodge a Development Application and find a suitable funding source for its construction.

Incidentally, I was the Councillor that suggested the use of Rossmore Grange instead of purchasing property in the area with a value estimated to be around $3 million, a substantial saving of ratepayer money.

Of interest may be that despite mine and Labor Councillors opposition, the Mayor and his team chose to purchase a questionable multimillion-dollar maintenance depot, costing ratepayers more than $30 million, which in my humble opinion is not warranted, instead of funding the promised high priority Animal shelter.

Note too that the Companion Animals Committee has been operational for almost two years, during that time I have attended most of its meetings. 

Councillor Peter Harle JP
April 2023    

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