Energy Efficient LED Street Lighting

Clr Peter Harle JP

Councillor Peter Harle JP

As of December 2013 Liverpool Councils’ Planning Controls requires developers to provide energy efficient LED street lights. Council now specifies the use of approved 25 watt LED street lighting as a consent condition for all residential subdivisions at no cost to Council.

Endeavour Energy (Council’s street lighting contractor) will also be replacing the current 80 watt Mercury Vapour lamps with 25 Watt LED lamps if replacement of the current 80 Watt MV lamp is necessary, and at no cost to Council.

That should result in an energy saving of around 55 watts per street light or roughly one third of the previous energy use.

An additional benefit is that it will also remove the possibility of toxic Mercury entering our environment due to accidental breakage of Mercury Vapour street lamps.

Clr Peter Harle

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