Candidates Forums – Questions?

Councillor Peter Harle JP

Peter Harle JP

After attending several “candidates Forums” I found that most Politicians tell you what they intend to do for you and waffle on about the common interests of taxpayers such as Pensions, Education and Health and depending on who is conducting the forum; Immigration and Refugees come into the mix. However when it comes to meaningful answers to more difficult questions answers are not as easy, such as;

  • Why are we allowing the sale of vast tracts of agricultural land to overseas interest instead of long-term leases? Little is said about it!
  • Why are we not supporting our farmers to a greater degree instead of letting Banks foreclose and sell their land to major overseas interests?”
  • Why are we allowing Multi National Mining Companies to destroy prime agricultural land for short-term gain?
  • Why are we selling / leasing ports and major transport hubs to overseas conglomerates?
  • and have you considered the defence and national security  implications of such sales?

You may also have difficulty obtaining answers for;

  • Does the candidate support “Sharia Law” for those communities that agitate for it?
  • Do you support a Halal Certification fee” and who should benefit from that revenue?
  • Should that revenue go to the Australian treasury instead?
    • Halal Certification is often referred to as a form of “extortion” or “religious tax on food items”,  each purchaser is forced to pay a fee irrespective of their religious beliefs. That revenue, currently many Millions of dollars, goes into the treasury of numerous Islamic Organizations world-wide and for questionable benefit to those that have paid it.
  • Can you see problems with Multiculturalism and have you considered that it may adversely affect our national identify as it has in many European Countries?
  • Is the Government “selling off the farm” so that it can pay for our enormous Welfare System that is highly biased against those that have contributed the most over their working life and how do you address that aspect of it?
  • Why have taxpayers supporting “for profit” VET training providers competing with TAFE for funding of alternative training schemes proven to be unreliable over the long term and costing over $10 Billion to date?
  • How do we collect the tax due by Multinationals taking their profits overseas and paying little to no tax here?
  • There are wide-ranging questions relating to the lack of infrastructure including road, rail and air transport and in particular the impact of the Moorebank Twin Intermodals in our Local area.
  • Many more are unanswered including;
    • increasing limited water resources,
    • transitioning to affordable renewable energy sources,
    • reduction of air, ground, water and waste pollution.

If you do get the chance to attend such a rally, maybe you should consider asking some of those questions, I certainly will if the opportunity arises. Note,  some questions are fobbed off as being of State or Federal significance depending on the type of election. It is a convenient ploy used to skip the significance it has on the overall population and whether or not the jurisdiction should be modified.

Peter Harle JP

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