Bin Chickens (Ibis) foul foot[path.

Liverpool City Council outdoor crews cleaned the footpaths at Liverpool Railway Station that was badly fouled by Ibis bird droppings.

Cllr Harle asked for the area to be cleaned and placed on a regular weekly cleaning cycle. An investigation is being undertaken to prevent Ibis birds causing major health issues within the Liverpool CBD.

Photos below show before and after cleaning. This area is visited daily by several hundred railway commuters and school children. The area needs to be upgraded and made far more presentable than it is. Sadly, it had been this way for several months prior to the high pressure cleanup.

Update: 31th August 2022
Council currently pressure cleans the railway area daily.
Cllr Harle has asked Council to consider upgrading and refurbishing the railway area in general. Considering several thousand commuters use this area daily, it does not form a good impression for visitors to Liverpool. It has been included in future City area upgrades.

With regard to the Ibis birds, Cllr Harle had asked for a report, late last year, on the Ibis bird problems in the Liverpool LGA. The report was presented to Council at 31st of August General Council Meeting, it is  available via the link below, starting on page 248.

Ibis Bird droppings before the cleanup. 16-06-2022

Ibis Bird droppings before the cleanup.

Pavement area after the cleanup.

Footpath after the cleanup.

Liverpool Railways Station pedestrian crossing after the cleanup.. 18-06-2022

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