A trolley too far away…

Councillor Peter Harle JP
Peter Harle JP Councillor

Last year I put forward a Notice of Motion to Council asking for urgent action on abandoned and dumped shopping trolleys, it was supported by all Councillors.

Council is taking action to address the issue and hopefully that will have a significant impact. Unfortunately State legislation is lacking in addressing the issue hence Council has asked the State Government to implement strategies to address the issue.

Sadly, the problem has been around for decades with little positive action. Ipswich City Council, via state laws, treats abandoned shopping trolleys as “litter” which then attract substantial fines of up to $5500. Since all shopping trolley owners are identifiable it is easy to apply penalties. That has resulted in the shopping centres taking action to prevent trolleys leaving their designated areas as part of their trading conditions.

State laws need to change by making it illegal to push shopping trolleys along public footpaths and thoroughfares and, considering the dangers they pose to pedestrians, mobility scooters, wheel chairs and vehicles on public roads the necessary changes are long overdue.

Other viable options are the use of personal 2 wheel shopping trolleys that could be subsidised by major retailers to encourage their use for those that live close to major shopping centres. Another option is to use “free” deliveries of groceries to homes, thereby increasing job opportunities at a relatively small cost and offset by the savings of lost shopping trolleys and their maintenance.

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