Save our Koalas of South West Sydney.

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Councillor Karress Rhodes

Councillor Karress Rhodes JP

Independent, LCIT, Councillor Karress Rhodes moved a motion that was passed unanimously at the 30th May Council meeting to collaborate with neighbouring Local Government Areas to establish a  regional sustainable South West Sydney koala solution for Australia’s last remaining disease free colony.

Koalas are one of Australia’s most iconic animals, recognisable around the world. However, Koala populations are under increasing pressure. Koala conservation programs are being undertaken on a national, state and local level and Liverpool needs to do its part.

The Koalas of the Georges River corridor do not stop at the Liverpool/Campbelltown LGA borders, they move through bushland and along the Georges River gorge from Appin, through Wedderburn to Kentlyn, then onto Glenfield.

They go beyond the Campbelltown Council area, through suburbs like Holsworthy, Wattle Grove, Moorebank and the Army lands in the LGA of Liverpool, then on to Sandy Point and turn up in places like Menai in the Sutherland Shire.

So all the LGA’s of Wollondilly, Campbelltown, Liverpool, Wingecarribee, Sutherland and Wollongong share this Koala colony and should act to protect it, each of these LGA’s have a responsibility to engage and accept their part in preserving our Koala population.

All LGA’s who share this last and only Australian colony of remaining disease-free koalas, need to work collaboratively with the State Government Office of Environment and Heritage and the Roads and Maritime Service and the Army so as to protect habitat and provide ‘safe’ ways for koalas to cross roads.

In the last two months 9 Koalas have been killed on roads, 8 on the Appin Rd and another on Heathcote Road. With other reports of another Koala killed on the Moorebank Road.

Fencing and wildlife underpasses and overpasses are implemented elsewhere (Queensland and NSW North coast) so why not for these Koalas in this part of Sydney?

Liverpool Council is to be congratulated in that we are already engaged with projects that are being undertaken under the existing Saving Our Species (SOS) program that is facilitated by the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH), but we need a collaborative approach that reaches beyond these projects and the Liverpool LGA and addresses the issues for the South West Sydney colony of Koalas who do not abide by LGA boundaries.

What we now ask Liverpool Council to do is support and participate in the “Protecting the koalas of South West Sydney Summit” and work collaboratively by bringing everyone to the table that includes Local State and Federal MP’s and Candidates, adjoining Councils, State Environmental representatives, State Planning, Roads & Maritime Services, National Parks, Total Environment Centre, local environmental groups, and community members.

Liverpool Council CEO states “Council cannot ignore that this Koala population is traveling and even populating parts of the Liverpool LGA and they need our protection”.

Liverpool Council needs to take a pro-active stance, support the Summit, work collaboratively with our neighbouring LGA’s who advocate for even greater collaboration in bringing all Government departments and the community to the table so that a regional sustainable South West Sydney koala solution may be implemented.

Councillor Rhodes was nominated to represent Liverpool Council at the “Protecting the koalas of South West Sydney Summit”.

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