Liverpool Multicultural Park

Councillor Karress Rhodes

Councillor Karress Rhodes JP

Below is the Liverpool Community Independent Team’s Foreshadowed Motion that called for all cultures be considered and included in the Multicultural Park.

Multiculture Park

Notice of Motion

Liverpool Community Independents Team (LCIT) put forward a Foreshadowed Motion that did not gain the support of the Majority Councillors at the September 2020 Council Meeting.


The Foreshadowed Motion was to ensure that any Multicultural Park was inclusive of the more than 130 different Cultures in the Liverpool LGA. The Motion was:

“That a report be brought back to a future Council meeting after all culturally diverse communities in the Liverpool LGA have been consulted and express their interest in participating in the project for a Multicultural Park.”

The Foreshadowed Motion as you see above was not recorded in the Minutes of the Meeting because the majority of Councillors voted in favour of the Motion put by Councillors Hagarty and Hadchiti and that the Foreshadowed Motion opposed because it was not inclusive of all cultures that are represented in the Liverpool LGA and therefore was not truly a MULTIcultural Park.

Below is the link to the Liverpool Multicultural Park being addressed at the September Council Meeting 2020:

Liverpool Multicultural Park  starts at 1hr 27m 30 sec into the recording.

Karress Rhodes
2nd November 2020

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